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One of the most common problems for iPhone owners is water damage. Phones get dropped in the toilet or bathtub, dropped in puddles, or have drinks spilled all over them.

You can now put your heart and pockets at ease with the Ultra Premium Waterproof Case. Our case provides real 360° protection without having to deal with an ugly, clunky case that ruins the elegance and experience of your iPhone.

Use the Ultra Waterproof Case daily while swimming, cooking, going out in the rain or while doing any activity that may put your phone at risk.

Get real protection for your iPhone and stop worrying. Once you put the case on, you'll never want to take it off again!

Do I Need A Waterproof Case If I Have a iPhone 7 or newer?

Yes! The newer models still need a waterproof case even if it has a slight waterproof rating. These iPhone models are actually only water resistant, not waterproof and will only protect against very light splashes of water. You cannot go swimming or submerge the phone for without causing permanent damage. Do you really want to risk your expensive phone to the nasty chemicals found in pools or salt water in the ocean? You must protect your iPhone with our Ultra Premium Waterproof Case?

Details And Features

  • Fully Sealed And High Quality Material - Made with high quality Imported German Nano Resonance Film and TPU Silicone Rubber
  • Convenient - All openings and buttons are precise and specifically designed for each model iPhone to make it easy to access and use while fully protecting your phone. Normally receive calls, send and receive messages, listen to music and charge your phone all without taking the case off!

  • Waterproof - Superior IP-68 Ingress Waterproof Rating fully protects your phone from water damage 

  • Dustproof - Fully sealed membrane with dust plugs to protect from dirt and dust
  • Shockproof - High quality, fully sealed PET/TPU frame provides a shock deferring cushion for your phone
  • Scratch Resistant - Imported German Nano Resonance Film Technology protects your screen to protect it from scratches and damage

  • Fingerprint Touch ID - Retain Touch ID with the case on due to a our advanced Nano Resonance Film Technology

  • Interior Mesh Dissipation - The interior of the case is lined with a Micro-Convex cooling channel to effectively dissipate heat and prevent your phone from overheating

  • Resonant Membrane - Listen to music and talk on the phone while keeping the phone protected with perforated and sealed nano resonance film

  • Anti-Reflective Optical Camera Lens - Take pictures clearly in and out of water thanks to our nano resonance film to provide HD photos while preventing the camera lens from fogging up or scratching.

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