Portable Wired Selfie Stick


  • Always Be Ready For The Perfect Shot - At only 7.2 inches (folded) & 4.5 oz., this mini selfie stick is so small & lightweight it fits in your pocket, purse, bag or backpack. Extendable pole can snap photos from over 2 feet (28 in) away, making it perfect for fantastic party, large group or over-the-crowd shots in tight spaces.
  • No Bluetooth, No Battery - This best in class monopod (selfiestick) is remote controlled using your smartphone's ear bud jack, so there's no need to rely on bluetooth connections or charging batteries.
  • Protect Your Phone- Don't be the person who buys a cheap "selfie stick" only to watch it drop & shatter your cell phone. Our premium phone clasp protects & securely holds your mobile phone. The non-slip handle & wrist strap lets you hold the pole steady while you snap your picture.
  • Plug N' Play Operation - Works right out of the box with any Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or other Android smartphone.
Due to High Demand, Please Allow 2-4 Weeks for Delivery

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