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Never Worry About Damaging Your iPhone Again!

Afraid of your screen cracking, dust entering your phone, water damage, or the shock from a drop causing internal phone damage? The Heavy Duty Protective iPhone Case is perfect for all activities that may put your phone at risk of becoming damaged or broken.

With the Heavy Duty Protective Case on your iPhone, you will rest easy knowing your phone will withstand anything life can throw at it!

We have made this case with YOU in mind and was created to be used in a variety of sports, activities and industrial uses. No matter what you are doing, we've got you covered.

Get real protection for your iPhone and stop worrying. Once you put the case on, you'll never want to take it off again.

So what are you waiting for?

Push your life to the limits without a worry about damaging your precious iPhone again!

Extreme Protection
  • Heavy-duty, yet lightweight aluminum reinforced frame prevails through bumps, drops and shocks.
  • The 6 screw reinforced design is truly attractive, protective, sleek, and allows for easy access to all buttons and functions.
  • The screws seal the case to keep out water, dust, dirt and also work as shock absorbing stoppers to keep your phone safe and secure.

9H Gorilla Glass Protection
  • Features an HD Clear Gorilla Glass screen protector that is made for your specific iPhone model and case to prevent scratches without compromising sensitivity while leaving a cutout for the home button to retain fingerprint functionality.

Water Protection
  • This case boasts an IPX-6 water proof rating. With the silica gel seal packing and gasket design, this case has great waterproof functionality on a rainy day or even being splashed by water. You may get it wet, but it is not designed to be fully submerged for long periods of time due to the gorilla glass protector home button cut-out.

Smooth Signal Flow
  • The interior is a thermoplastic polyurethane material that snuggly hugs the phone to absorb shock, while allowing for network and wireless signals to flow smoothly! 
Extremely Dustproof
  • Dustproof design ensures that no mater how dusty your environment is, your iPhone will stay free of dust and dirt.
  • All Ports and buttons are plugged and easily accessible to keep out dust and dirt.

Breakthrough Shockproof Design
  • Our shockproof suspension system lines the interior of the phone case and provides superior shock resistance.
  • The 3-layer construction design compresses the silicone truss creating a suspension system to cradle your iPhone like the precious baby it is.

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